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Cole is to support NBA increase the punishment

Le 25 October 2017, 12:30 dans Humeurs 0

Cole is to support NBA increase the punishment, the bench players are not allowed to freely enter the venue. Even if he had worked in the sun for this purpose in the playoff losses. However, Cole impression, I feel fine once their most unfortunate Josh Augusta Jersey, but it is because LeBron - James. It was in the 2009-10 season, Cole was General Manager of the sun. LeBron was in what will become a free agent after the selection has sparked a lot of speculation, Cole joked that when a guest radio program, Sun also intends to pursue LeBron, although there is no cap space, but he can sign with a basic salary. Voice faded, the NBA gave him to open a 1 million dollars in fines, Cole said: "It's alleged breach recruited, they can really no sense of humor." Now Cole still take a joke about it: "LeBron really close to joining Oh, I think he could really basic salary to the sun, but ultimately did not succeed. " Sun open season again and again defeat the array star Bledsoe said publicly that he did not want to stay in the team, and now the sun will react Corey Vereen Jersey, executives said Bledsoe career in the sun may have ended. Ryan, general manager of Sun - MacDonald said he and acting coach Triano, Bledsoe I conducted a meeting today, the final outcome of the discussions Bledsoe was sent home today, the sun king of this home he will not play the game. "The future Bledsoe will not be with us," Mike Downer said. MacDonald said he had telephoned Bledsoe had to ask him on Twitter issued a "I do not want to stay here," is what is meant by this sentence in the sun fired coach Watson made a few hours ago of. "He said he was in a hair salon," MacDonald said, "have said that he is not about the sun, and the sun was in no way related words Mike Gillislee Jersey. He was with his woman working in a hair salon, and he did not want to stay there a. "" I do not believe that it is true, we think this thing, and Savol boss and my team, Triano coach, his coaching staff discussed this matter together, so the final decision the team is doing the best. "informed source revealed that MacDonald has been actively contact more teams to discuss the transaction Bledsoe thing Kenny Moore II Jersey. Sun hopes a deal could be reached as soon as possible. The recent league team wanted Bledsoe also increased, reported that the Knicks have contacted the sun, they intend to Bledsoe. An informed source said in the preseason, Bledsoe on planned and owner, high-level meetings, demanding a trade himself. Bledsoe on the development direction of the team expressed disappointment frustration, his desire to enter a winning environment. 

The teams are still deadlocked

Le 25 October 2017, 12:30 dans Humeurs 0

The teams are still deadlocked, in the middle of both teams fell into consecutive errors dilemma, Fortunately, there is a letter Bucks brother, his long arm to the basket using the playing board to get two points Joe Thuney Jersey. But in the final game of 3 minutes, and the Hornets Kaminski hit a key three points, tied the game 94 levels. Brother knew the letters, he must stand up to the. About this, brother teammates letter also clearly than the letters themselves brother, they have the opportunity to hand the ball to the letter brother, and then let the letter brother hit a person, four people watching. Soon, the letters in Columbia singles Ma Wen - when they were led to double-team steals, after a bout of years, or such a situation, but this time the referee to face, brother of Queen letter-step layup made the defense of Europe foul, brother letter to withstand pressure free throws. Bucks two points ahead, tensions eased, Middleton finally stood up, he took the opportunity to pass large letters vacancy brother shot hit third, leading the Bucks in five critical moment Dont'a Hightower Jersey. Who ask, how did the civil air defense Middleton ah? The answer is simple, go-team-letter Colombian chant. After that, the brother and then offer the key cover letters, Howard shot score vanish into thin air, complete cover cap is not finished, he grabbed his own rebound control the ball, the Hornets only foul, two free throws again letters Columbia . Submerged in the entire arena " MVP among" the voice. We can say that the last three minutes Trey Flowers Jersey, like a nanny-letter Colombian general walked Bucks won a victory. Meanwhile, the pre-season open letter brother got a total of four games 147 points, creating a record of the history of the Bucks team, and he is the person beyond the famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Stephen - Curry because the game against the Grizzlies threw the braces to the referee and was fined Union 5 million dollars. Warriors coach Steve - Cole "gloat" ridicule if he can not afford to pay the fine, we can help scrape together. Kohl said in an interview also recalled their own players and do all kinds of fine management of these encounters. Because the NBA punished strictly, Cole said on the sidelines whenever their own, when you see a player (or teammate) clashes with opponents, my mind just want one thing:. "Up is fine." "But you have to express care of his teammates, even if the conflict is meaningless, anyway Kevin Faulk Jersey, you do nothing, we will take you pull. "he said. 

NBA regular season continues today

Le 25 October 2017, 12:29 dans Humeurs 0

NBA regular season continues today, in which the Bucks home game against the Hornets Rob Gronkowski Jersey, the Bucks 103-94 score a victory over the Hornets New England Patriots Mens Jersey, the letter continued strong performance since the opening quarter, he played 39 min 21 voted 13 obtained in the 32 points 14 rebounds and 6 assists 1 steals 2 closure data. Before the game, the Bucks start to the season played a total of three games, only three games have been let alphabet brother par Zhang Bolun and O'Neal the two stars, according to US media statistics, the letters become history's first brother three a total of three games to open season can get 115 points or more and the hit rate is not less than 65% of the players, but it is the first two O'Neal and Zhang Bolun. And the game, the momentum did not stop. Opening game, the letter is quite irritable brother hungry, he used three times the speed of both the height of the break the Hornets attack the basket, all three attempts succeeded, and there is a hit into 2 + 1 . As a result, the letter has also been a brother before all Bucks 7 points. After that, the Hornets were immediately targeted arrangement, more than letters Tough brother frequently double-teamed, mistakes again and again, he was soon replaced, after all, the letter was too young brother, sitting on the sidelines helps him remain calm. Section II, the letters show his brother continued to play a comprehensive, height 2 Mi 11 , he is described as the Bucks "true point guard", although height and arm length, but without losing the flexibility and athletic ability, he is Bucks ball forward most point of a threat, and the general height makes him the center at the time of rebound is also very advantage. Therefore, only the second single-letter Colombian staged on three consecutive backcourt play up front or board-stop play, two of which he himself directly layup, another pie Snell scored easily once the feed. Half finished, the Bucks still 51-54 behind the Hornets. The second half, the letters still ring true brother's personal attack, but the point guard "their own" work he has done is still good, although mistakes constantly, but his powerful ability to contain the number of assists made him stop rising, in which a fast-break the back-pass hit three-pointers to help Terry Bulatovic is blasting the audience, the fans love for the brother of letters can be seen Malcom Brown Jersey. After that, pick the basket empty cut the letters Columbia Monroe bounce pass dunk succeeded Joe Thuney Jersey, got his first of the game 21 points. 

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